Backpacking: Big Pine Creek to Third Lake

It’s been awhile since I’ve been backpacking and I must admit – I missed my big Osprey backpacking pack.  I haven’t been since I summit Mt Whitney last August, so last week, I decided I was going back to the Eastern Sierras to backpack just for one night [6.7.16 – 6.8.16]… and talked my adventure buddy into going with me.  Big Pine Lakes has been on my list for months now, but when I first heard about it, it was late Fall and not the right season. Now… was the perfect time.

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Upper Yosemite Falls, Struggles of a Winter Hike

Winter hikes are really a wondrous things… trails are less busy, everything is white, and the experience is completely different than a summer/spring hike.

A few months ago this past winter [2.20.16], I went to Yosemite National Park and it was beautiful!  I’ve been wanting to see Yosemite Valley in the winter with all the snow and hike to the top of Yosemite Falls, but wasn’t sure if the trail would be open due to winter weather conditions.  Well, we picked a great weekend to go with perfect weather and I was able to hike the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail.

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Mt. Whitney Hike Video

Video of our backpacking trip to Mount Whitney in August 2015!  It’s a little rocky because it was our first time shooting with the GoPro, but thanks Duy!  It includes footage from the Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills, as well as our journey on the Mount Whitney Trail, Lone Pine Lake, Trail Crest, Pinnacles, and of course the Mt. Whitney Summit.  Enjoy!

If you want to read about my entire Mt. Whitney backpacking trip, check out my previous blog » I Conquered Mount Whitney [14,505 ft]

p.s. It took me awhile to guess the tune in the video…. can you tell what it is?😛


I Conquered Mount Whitney [14,505 ft]

Two weeks ago [8.25.15] at 9 am, I summited Mt Whitney… and it was amazing!!  How many people can say that?  Well I’ve been told only 30% of hikers who attempt it will succeed in summiting.  I’ve never even thought about doing this until early this year.  I knew someone that went last year, and someone else asked me to go this year… so I thought sure… why not… it’ll be a good short-term goal and quite an accomplishment.  That’s when I got really into hiking and decided to train with the Socal Six Pack of Peaks.  Mount Whitney is one of those big hikes you really want to be prepared for, so if you are like me, you want to read up as much as you can about other hikers’ experience.

It’s true what they say… the Mount Whitney Trail is like a freeway… you can’t get lost.  It is definitely the most beautiful hike I’ve been on.  All of my training hikes have definitely prepared me well for this;  the hike actually seems relatively easy if you don’t take into account lugging around a gigantic, heavy, backpack.  I definitely want to try this as a day hike next year.  This is what nature should look like everywhere… unfortunately, California is too dry to start with and the drought doesn’t help.😦

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Yoga Journey: Day 22

Today [9.2.15], I went to Erin Grossman’s Vinyasa Flow class… and it was just as challenging & sweaty as I remembered it.  I actually almost slipped at the end of class because the floor was so wet!  The instructor has a great personality which makes the class enjoyable and it’s always a full house (which can be a bit annoying), but I wish she would fix the students posture more.

I think I’ve been out of practice for too long.  I’m not as consistent as I was a couple weeks ago so yoga has been just as tough as the beginning again.  Although, since the room is practically like a sauna, I noticed by the end of class, it was easier to hold in some positions because my body was loosened from the heat.  I haven’t streteched much the last couple weeks because of Whitney (yes, I am going to continue to use that as my excuse), so I am not as flexible as I was.  Being this way actually makes me dislike yoga… which is a shame because I just started to learn to love it.  I have some trips coming up that’ll take time away from my practice as well… which means it’ll be another month or so until I can practice yoga regularly… so I will probably continue to struggle for awhile.  We’ll see how things go.


Yoga Journey: Day 21

Last Thursday [8.27.15] I finally got back to yoga.  I had fallen off a bike earlier this week as well as summited Mt Whitney, so the class was more of a challenge for me.

I took the Vinyasa Flow 2/3 class with a sub.  She was surprisingly good, I feel like she walked around the class a lot and fixed my form a lot.  I was sore and tired to start with.  When I fell off the bike on Saturday, I strained my neck a bit from it.  By the end of my Whitney trip on Tues night, I felt a lot better; in fact, I thought I was all good.  Apparently not.  In yoga, I realized I couldn’t twist my neck and head fully to the left… but I really think I’m all better now.

The class also wasn’t as sweaty as usual, but that may be because there were less students than normal with a substitute teacher… and because I didn’t put in as much effort due to my body’s exhaustion.

Happy Monday everyone!


p.s.  I’m pretty excited for bodypump tonight since I missed last week ^.^

Yoga Journey: Day 20

Well, it’s obviously been a month past my start date, but I upgraded to a monthly membership because I liked it a lot right off the bat.  The schedule of yoga classes doesn’t work well enough with my schedule (along with the distance) to go everyday.

Yesterday [8.19.15] I tried Pilates Mat with Kinga Night who’s a highly suggested instructor, then Vinyasa Flow 2 with music with Erin Grossman.

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